Unlock a whole new possibility with Homifax Verified Tenant Credit

Rent & Lease with Confidence Anywhere In The World
17+ age verification required to enroll. Save thousands on rental discount & lower interest

Get Notify and Release Access Every Time Someone Query Your Report

Just be on time with your record filing.
Receive notification whenever someone lookup your Homifax report.

Grow Homifax Credit & Reward & Exclusive Access

Unlock rental rewards and first time Homifax home purchase bundle when you hit certain milestone. Up to $2,500 in saving benefits on your first home with class A tenant rating

Share Your Verified Progress

Get better approval rating on financial application with good and consistent Homifax credit .

Homifax EscrowX Fee waiver

All Class A Tenant gets a rental contract EscrowX setup fee waived. Limited to one application per year. Currently in beta phase ( in selected regions and by invitation only)

Premium Verified Landlord Check

Avoid loosing your money by not becoming a victim of financial scam, enter into bad places. Get discounted Homifax Verified Landlord check.

Late Payment Protection

Gets up to 10 days protection without hurting your your credit score.
* subject to account review and qualification

Earn Back

Earn back on every class A & B report of your being purchased

Here’s how the Homifax Verified Tenant portal works

International Verification & Tracking


*billed annually, plus applicable taxes
Record verification by CIA ( Certified Internal Auditor) & CFE ( Certified Fraud Examiner).
Secured Cold Data Storage Enabled
Tenant credit tracking
Personal credit counting
Exclusive access to Homifax Tenant Deals and Discounts after year
Earn back Homifax Points on each report pulled
Up to 5 verified records per month
Supplemented Sponsored Ads Rebate Available
Receive up to two rental application credits after each annual report
*Perks and Benefits only available to self petition applicants
*Fully refundable verified tenant tracking service up if no verified report released or utilized.
*No app download needed, no clustered non-sense email newsletters
Whole Home
Share Room / Sublet
Storage rental
Private Office Rental
Short Term Vacation

All Homifax Verified Tenant Report are supported and accepted internationally in over 90 countries  

Here’s how the Homifax Verified Tenant portal works

Sign Up

Register your Homifax Tenant | Renter Account. Upload government issued id for verification. Wait for 24 to 48 hours for account validation

Start & Keep Adding Records to get Verified

- Add your previous, current rental contracts
- Upload your monthly bills
- Up Keep update
- Inspection update

Get Verified

Homifax agents will verified your records quarterly.
-For record with non proofing content will get a " Just Checked" mark
-Falsify records or incorrect information input will result in your account being flagged with a warning and can possibly affect your financial credit score

Get listed on HMLS

Once your Homifax Tenant account accrued over 50 of verified records and pass the 48 weeks grace period. Your tenant credit will be automatically available on Homifax Multi Listing Service and people can start checking your Homifax tenant report.

Tips on obtaining the best tenant credit rating at Homifax



We love to see consistency.


Proof quality

The more details, the better


Adjusted Threshold

Matching income level


Ext Reporting

Reduce external reporting, good historical data

Exclusive Access Control

Only you can release your Verified Report to report inquirers.

Through registered SMS Notification or WhatsApp Notification

Earn Back On Each Authorized Report Release

At Homifax, you will earn up to 60% on each Verified Tenant Report on your Active Class B and A rating.

Earn-back credit can only be redeemed through Homifax service discounts coupon, Homifax gift cards, or spending at all business establishments with Homifax Class B and beyond ratings.

Accumulates Homifax Consumer Advance Credit

For every record submission, you will earn credits point toward applying for a Homifax 10 to 14% Fix Rate Virtual Credit Card.

Discounted Product Offer

Occasionally receive special pricing products and services offers from Homifax Partners

Reduce Rate Offer

Prospective tenants with a Homifax Verified Tenant Report are often seen as more trustworthy and responsible, potentially leading to better rental rates and more favorable lease terms.

Priority Application Review

Landlords generally prefer tenants with an established Homifax Verified Tenant Report. This report provides a comprehensive overview of a tenant’s rental history, financial stability, and overall reliability. It offers landlords peace of mind and assurance in their tenant selection process.

Fee Waived

Get Enrollment Fee waived on all Homifax property and High Value Asset Verification Services. Unlock or refund after the first 48 weeks.

Apply to only non business related services

Earn Hotel And Resort Stays Points

For each annual tenant report, if you maintain your Active Class B and above status, you will earn $25 travel hotel credits at Homifax participated Exclusive Hotel Reward Program.

Credits available after three years of three years of service. All accumulated credits are non-cash transferable.

Late Rent Payment Report Protection
Earns HangoutSafe search and report credit

Contract, Rental Agreements

Billing Payment

New Rental Address Update

Property Condition Update


Move-In/ Move Out Update

Other Tenants Review

Rental | Landlord Review


What happen when i just renting out a room or sub-lease the place?

At Homifax, we track billing cycle for rental related records, so it does not matter to us whether you rent just a room, sub-leasing, subletting, or have the entire property. However, we do need addition confirmation from the landlord or lessee.

My company sponsor my rent, will it count?

Yes, as long a you can provide proof, an supporting documents

Why do i need to submit my Government Issued ID on registration ?

Without a proper identification, we cannot offer our 70% 5 years refund policy, or counts credit. To protect yourself from any incorrect information being release to parties of interest ( landlord, credit agency, lenders, etc. )

Why do i need to release any report being request ?

At Homifax, We are different than other service providers, we do not sell your private verified records unless you agree to release. we don't allow anonymous report phishing neither.
It is in your best interest to protect yourself and your Homifax account from being phishing or getting into the wrong hands.

Any request notification will be send to your SMS or email upon query arrival, so that you will know who is looking you up for your personal records

As a foreigner, currently renting in oversea , and Homifax does not offer service in my country, what is the benefit obtaining a Homifax Verified Tenant Account ?

Current we do not operate in your home country jurisdiction, however we are continuously growing our international footprint and will do our best to bring new products and services to new country each and every year. After five years, if you are no longer want to maintain active verified tenant account, you can place an account on hibernation for up to two years without annual fee, and every years after that for an exceptionally low annual verified record maintenance fee to reserve your earned Homifax credits

How can I get my subscription refund or cancel my account?

As a good practice for active renter /, lesser you should always maintain your annual verified tenant services to keep your good credit counts up to date when someone query your Homifax Verified Tenant ID, thus preventing discruption in your report history.
However once you have move on to purchasing for first home, we can transfer your account accumulated credits to Homifax Verified Property | Owner account and deduct your Tenant registration fee toward the Property Annual Verified Property Account.

All of your Good Tenant Credits will remain standby on the record and get transfer to your Homifax Property | Owner Account

You're in good hand policy

A service public policy announcement
At Homifax, we are committed to provide our customers with the best value and interest. If you can't find it here, we are more than happy to give back.

You can always get your money back if no verified report ever gets released or you have not leveraged your Homifax Verified Tenant status to receive any financial gain or benefits over the years with us. Up to 70% of the original purchase plan during the first 5 years of service.

*** All banking and insurance request application are non-refundable.