Behind Every Successful Acquisition starts with a Homifax Verified Report
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ZERO Management Fee, ZERO Net Report Value Comm, Zero Transfer Fee


Obtain Your Verification

Build Asset
Credit & Points

Give your assets and businesses a better class rating and earn better rate


Taking out the guessing during ownership and after.


The more verifiable records submission, the more value accumulate to your asset

Global Private Records Verification

Private verified records management, maintain & keep track of asset update versions, and earn back on every report release. Borrow against your verified account / report interest free.

Value Retention and Equity Boost

Are you looking forward to protect, retain, and boost asset valuation or keep good verified record practice? Homifax is your simple, effective vendor that can deliver your need. We help millions of homeowner, tenant, landlord, contractor, business owner, and other specialty group interest party registrant secure their future interest


Adding upward of thousands and more in new line of equity to your residential property. Starting as low as $350 per annum to get verified, store, maintain, publish and keep a detail track of record on your property in a timeline manner. Self filing or simply hire a certified agent to file records to build out your first Verified Homifax property profile.

Get Verified. Get Accredited. Get Boosted.

Homifax help millions of customers worldwide retain and gain billions in their asset valuation. Enjoy preferred discount when pulling a Homifax report.

Operator | Contractor

Starting as low as $1.15 per job entry to get verified, stored, and keep a detail track of record with property owners on your property in a timeline manner. Upload before & after works | improvement completion, build engagement with customers. track, compare and realign future jobs.

Reach Pro status and start receiving unlimited local referral from millions of HOMIFAX property owners

carriers & Financial Institutions

In an increasingly complex financial landscape, insurance companies and financial institutions must rely on trusted partners to validate asset records and assess creditworthiness. Homifax's verified reports provide a valuable tool for organizations to safeguard their interests and make informed decisions. By leveraging Homifax's expertise, insurance companies and financial institutions can navigate the challenges of the industry with confidence, ensuring a secure and prosperous future.

public agency

The meta regional report curated by Homifax offers in-depth analysis of regional data, empowering public agencies with the information necessary to make informed decisions. By leveraging this report, public agencies can gain valuable insights into various regional dynamics, enabling them to better understand and address the unique needs of different areas. With a focus on facilitating improved policy creation and management, Homifax's meta regional report serves as a valuable resource for public agencies seeking to enhance their strategic approaches. By harnessing the wealth of data and analysis provided in this report, agencies can strive towards the development of policies that are both comprehensive and regionally relevant.

tenant / landlord

Homifax verified tenant/landlord reports are invaluable tools that protect the interests of both tenants and landlords. They provide transparency, credibility, and peace of mind throughout the rental process. Tenants can benefit from enhanced credibility, protection against scams, and dispute resolution, while landlords can make informed decisions, protect against problematic tenants, and streamline dispute resolution. By utilizing these reports, both parties can establish a foundation of trust and ensure a positive rental experience.

Homifax help millions of customers worldwide gain their trusts and facilitate billions of dollar of rental transaction.

Prospective buyer

When it comes to making significant acquisition decisions, having a trusted resource such as the Homifax Verified Report can make all the difference. It sets a new standard for transparency and confidence, ultimately benefiting all parties involved in every critical financial transaction.

A Homifax Verified Report is like an official issued transcript that boost everybody's confidence.

Fulfill the expectations of various stakeholders

Homifax is a mutual solution verification service provider for multiple key decision makers and record owners, offering verified reports that drive informed decisions and unlock new value of verified assets.

As each Homifax Verified Report gets more age, it will develop its unique characteristics and providing more valuable insight.


Let The Verified Records Speak. Acquire new Home | Property | HV Assets with Billions of Privately Owned Verified Records

Obtaining Verified report


Behind Every Successful Acquisition starts with a Homifax Verified Report

HOMIFAX’s online verified records and management platform puts you in complete control of your upkeep.

72% of PROPERTY OWNERS RECEIVE higher, faster & better closing offer with Class A HOMIFAX VERIFIED REPORT

Unlock New PRoperty EQUITY VALUE FOR ASSeTs | up to $30,000 depends on current assessed value, asset type, and homifax verified account status
Verified Contractor Records
Total Verified ARUM
Look up private verified records from a wide range of verified data sources and, where available, combine all the data into an easy-to-understand report

A Verified Report doesn't give you a headache

Take the grind out of guessing with ultra-detailed & verified data. Homifax cleans and standardizes records, pre-categorizes record input and analyze across regirstered members

Make Confident Acquisition with Well Informed Decision

Take the grind out of maintenance tracking with ultra-detailed data. Relay cleans and verified records, pre-categorizes items and keeps a record of  upkeep expenditure.

Mitigate Unexpected Future Expenditure

Take out the guessing and unforeseeable expenditure that might affect your current financial situation

Commercialize your Homifax verified property report

Get paid for every single report release by you while significantly reduce sale pending and approval process

Interchangeable Credits in Major Serving Markets

Latest News & Update

Today is the day to build a solid Homifax verified profile for your property. Manage performance & improvements on your property — and receive a better offer.
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