Global Recreational Boating Maintenance Verified Record Portal

Keeping all your vessel record verified and always sell fast at a premium


Start as little as $220 per year, plus applicable taxes
*For vessel under 15m - 50 ft in length
* $2 for each additional feet in length per annum

Save up to thousands of dollar down the road

We use aggregate data across the boating industry to detect potential & common failures which can help vehicle owners save thousands of dollar on unwanted repairs.


Simply Scan and fill out information on each service done to your vessel, whether by a service center, technician , or by you -as an owner.


Earn back on each report sold through HMLS. Nothing beat a well maintain records


It's better to prevent something from happening than actually fixing something

Are you a Responsible Boat Owner ?

Show it to prospective & pre-qualified buyers on HMLS


It’s all about optimizing your VERIFIED report VALUE


Comprehensive Maintenance Report


Operator Safe Check


Sit Tight And Communicate When It Works For You


Get Quick Reassurance


Pre-Departure Boat Declaration

What WE Verifiy for you

things that truly matters

Improvements | Upgrades
Warranties | Recall
Asset Related Documents
Preventative Maintenance Works
Usage Billings
Reactive Maintenance Works
Natural Disaster Preparation / Readiness
General Inspection | Up Keep
Conditions Update
Usage Update

You're in good hand

A risk-free service public announcement
At Homifax, we are committed to provide our customers with the best value and interest. If you can't find it here, we are more than happy to give back.

You can always get your money back if no verified report ever gets released or you have not leveraged your Homifax Verified Property status to receive any financial gain or benefits over the years with us. Up to 70% of the original purchase plan after 5 years of service.