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Leveraging your Homifax Verified Business ID

Join the 150,000 plus Global Homifax Small Local Enterprises. Boost your business performance and save more .

Request a Homifax Business ID

Starting at $1 a day

Annual recognized
cumulative revenue
customer base
Verified Contractor Records
Total Verified Asset Under Management
Look up private verified records from a wide range of verified data sources and, where available, combine all the data into an easy-to-understand report

Discover the Power of Local Business Insights and Group Procurement

Helping small business save & generate billions


All your verified records are secured with us.


See yourself compares to others in the same specialty, industry, area, region.


User-friendly online portal to manage your company card program.


Get constant update on future rate hike


Simplify reporting by leveraging our receipt capture feature, no need for manual data entry.

What Homifax verified business id offers

more than just a display badge number

Verified Business Record with Power Insight
Measurable Peers Performance
Low Cost Consultancy
Business Up Keep
Shared Marketing Network
Grouped Customer Refferal
Verified Business Review
Contract Award
Procurement Saving
Trend Alert
Tax Trend Update
More for Less

Focus SEctors

150k+ global business members

Beauty, Nail, Hair, Spa
Local Retails

A Verified Business ID That Provide Insights & Organizational Growth

Improve Your Local Business with Sensible Insights


Submit records for verification

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Start by completing our easy online signup form.
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Provide the information about your business and desired.
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Build your Homifax business credit at ease
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Wait for validation & approval

Collect critical feedbacks

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Collecting valid feedbacks
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Record redaction service
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Frequent business activity update on Homifax
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Pass the 90 weeks grace period or more to establish sufficient verified analytic data

Let's AI perform its magic

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GPT-5 enable smart analytic
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Discover trend, and potential

Get Insights

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Knows where you're at
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Internally to externally
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Zip code level to State Wide Level
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Multi languages supporting agents

Business Fine Tuning

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Receive Ai business advisory analysis with user submitted  verified data and Homifax internal verified database
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Our business intelligent consultant is at a fraction of a cost, saving small business owner thousands
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Your business may get sponsored for a free nominated help from other HBID

Save Some More

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Receive numerous share local marketing incentives
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Get logistical discount
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Save hundreds if not thousands on COGS
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Tax strategy advise
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At the end of the day, it's not how much you made , but rather how much you can keep

Get Booster Shot

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Gain access to Homifax large customer referral base from our property owners to verified tenants.
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Monthly internal ads distribution.
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Digital PR publications

Loan & Other Financial Assistance

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Our internal Homifax peers network effort can help you sustain through touch time
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Borrow against your NRV ( Net Report value)

Make a Transition / Exit Strategy

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Are you looking to acquire similar businesses ?, we can help reaching out to our internal network
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Looking to retire? , let us help
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14,580 M&As have been flow through with Homifax Verified Reports

Homifax Verified Business ID vs Others

we are different

Others Business ID

Homifax BID

No Saving
The benefits always out weight the cost
Non verified Review
Stringent Verification Process
No Advisory
From Operation consulting to Tax advisory
No refferals
Numerous customer & business referral opportunities
Future Trend Alert ( disruptions, policy changes)
Self Check
Self and Peer Performance Analysis
Earn back- cost recovery package available
It's a Deductible Business Expense that Yield Interest
Get Sponsored- from Homifax and other public agencies
Business Sale Preparation & Facilitation Service
Zero fee public lien filer
Effective Homifax localized network CPC Ads

Registration Prerequisites

Primarily Cater to Small Local Enterprises for maximum ownership benefits.

  • - Certificate of Ownership

  • - Receive activation through the mail at business establishment- owner/ manager signature required

  • - 52 weeks grace period( Initial Data collection time for Verification)

  • - B2C focus business. This is where we can offer the most value for our customers. B2B are also welcome to join, however the benefits may be limited

If you are looking for instant benefits, please consider other expensive alternative. or talk to our dedicated SME business consultant for a quick quote

Verification & Tracking Service Fee

Enrollment Fee


First time on Homifax network
- bill annually

  • Enrollment Includes:
    Include a one time profile check up fee
  • Verified review registration
  • New business member push notification inside Homifax network
  • 30 earn- back referral coupons ( $1,000 future credit)
  • 100% deductible
  • * business licence verification may require on sign up
    *if you are an individual contractor, you will not receive a business check mark

Annual Base Fee


Been with Homifax
for more than one year- bill annually

  • Base includes:
    120 verified records per annum
  • $1 per additional records verification ( bill at the end of each fiscal account year)
  • Passive Referral Access to Homifax VTDN (Verified Tenant Distribution Network- after 1st year)
  • Two Digital News Publications upon requested.

Premier Service


Over two years at Homifax - bill annually

  • Everything in Base, plus:
    Additional 50 verified records per annum
  • Addon - monthly push ads
  • User Portal Access
  • Passive Access to Homifax HNWPO (High Net Worth Property Owner)
    Social Media Growth
NEw to This ? Consult with an expert. $25 Fee apply. Credit back toward future purchase

Have Your Verified Track of Records Ready To Disclose At A Click Of A Button

Enroll with us today to build your track of records and achieve greater efficiency, enjoy additional cost savings.
or just get your money back if you simply don't enjoy any benefits from Homifax Verified Business ID

You're in good hand

A risk-free service public announcement for new customer only
At Homifax, we are committed to provide our customers with the best value and interest. If you can't find it here, we are more than happy to give back.

You can always get your money back if no verified report ever gets released or you have not leveraged your Homifax Verified Property status to receive any financial gain or benefits over the years with us. Up to 70% of the original purchase plan after 5 years of service.