Our hiring process

Navigating the job search can be challenging, but rest assured, we’re committed to simplifying the process for you. Whether you’re exploring remote, on-site, customer service, nurse practitioner, data entry, or other roles, we prioritize transparency throughout our hiring journey.This page offers insights into what you can anticipate as you embark on a career with us—where caring, connection, and growth intersect."                              


Now that you’ve shared your strengths, it’s time to initiate the application process. Here are some key considerations to bear in mind as you explore joining our team and submit your application

1. Determine your objective
Clearly understand what you want in your career and take the time to form a clear and obtainable objective. Also understand what skills and experience are needed to do well in a particular position. You can structure the content of your resume around that objective.

2. Be clear and concise
You want us to be interested enough to contact you for an interview.
Simply put yourself in the shoes of the resume reader. What would you be looking for in a candidate?

3. Use bulleted sentences
Resumes are read quickly so key phrases should stand out. Bulleting information will help us view your accomplishments at a glance. You can go into the details during the interview.

4. Use active language
Words like prepared, managed, developed, monitored and presented make your resume stand out and make us recognize you as an energetic and enthusiastic candidate who makes things happen.

5. Highlight your strengths
Put the strong and most relevant points first. This is your hook for the reader; the rest of your resume reels them in.

6. Match our need
Review job descriptions on our site and match prevalent words to the bullet points in your resume. Chances are you possess many of the attributes already, so add them to your resume.

7. Be positive and relevant
Negative comments don’t belong on your resume. Focus on the duties in your current job that support your objective. Leave out personal information like your race, weight and height.

8. Create a concise format
A resume should be limited to one page unless you have more than seven years of work experience. Make certain you’re using the space to your full advantage. The font size should be no smaller than 10 point, standard serif or sans serif, with plenty of space between lines and in the margins.

9. Get an outside opinion
Many online resume writing services will review and polish your resume, although you’re the only person who can truly personalize your resume to fit your objective. Before you send off your resume, have a friend or mentor read through your resume for final input with a fresh perspective.

10. Use the right keywords
Most companies (even small businesses) are already using digital databases to search for candidates. This means that the HR department will run search queries based on specific keywords, which are typically nouns. Be sure to check the job description and related job ads for keywords and terminology that are used and update your resume to match.


After you apply, your resume will be reviewed by our recruiters to ensure you meet all the qualifications required for the job for which you applied for.

After you submit your application and complete required qualifying questions (or an assessment where applicable), our system will generate an automated email response to you confirming receipt of your application.
NOTE: Some mail servers automatically parse messages from unknown sources to spam or junk mail folders. Please check these folders to ensure you receive confirmation of your application. To help avoid this in the future, simply add our company address to your safe senders list or contacts.

At this time, our recruiters take great care to match qualified candidates for each position to be reviewed by our hiring managers.

This process can take several days or several weeks depending on applicant volume. As a Fortune 7, employer of choice, we receive thousands of applications every day and ask that you remain patient during this time. And remember to regularly check your email and your profile on our site to see the status of your application.


Depending on the job you apply for, you may be asked to complete an online assessment that may be followed by a digital interview.

1. Do your homework
Before your first interview, learn as much as you can about HOMIFAX, our mission, our lines of business, the areas in which we do business and the health industry at large. The more you know about us, the more confident you’ll feel asking questions.

2. Ask yourself
Before the interview, ask and answer basic questions about your goals. What do I want to do? Why do I want to do it? How much should I be compensated? How can I convince someone that my past experiences will prepare me to accomplish the job?

3. Prepare the night before
Organize yourself. Your interview clothing, portfolio and copies of your resume should all be ready. Get a good night’s rest and re-read your resume before the interview.

4. Timing is everything
Give yourself plenty of time to get here and plan to arrive 10 to 15 minutes early to avoid traffic or other slowdowns. Write down the exact meeting place and time and ask about parking availability before you go.

5. Prepare the day
Know the interviewer’s full name (including correct pronunciation) and their title. Wear business attire in neutral colors and be conservative with your fragrance, cosmetics and jewelry. Bring several copies of your resume, a list of references and a notepad to jot down your thoughts.

6. Make the most of your interview
Don’t rely on your application or resume to do the selling for you; we want you to be convincing. Come prepared to ask us questions. This is your opportunity to find out more about UnitedHealth Group, our lines of business, our mission and the health services industry.

7. DoSmile and shake hands firmly, and project your energy and enthusiasm throughout the interview. Listen carefully, keep your responses succinct and look the hiring manager in the eye while speaking. Early in the meeting, ask the interviewer to describe the job and duties, so you can focus your responses on your background, skills and accomplishments that relate to the position.

8. Don’t make negative remarks about present or former employers. Don’t inquire about salary, holidays, benefits or bonuses in the initial interview. If the interviewer asks what salary you want, give a range based on your research of the job market, but indicate you’re more interested in the opportunity for continued learning and professional development.

9. Be yourselfThis is probably the single most important way to prepare for an interview. We seek people who are bright, articulate and genuine.

10. After the interview
As soon as possible, write down what you are thinking and feeling. Later, review what you wrote, and assess how you did. Write a follow-up thank-you letter, reminding the interviewer(s) of why your background and experiences would make you successful in the role.


If you meet all of the qualifications, a recruiter may initiate the next steps that can be a phone interview, pre-employment assessment or video interview.

Benefits of video interviews

You can complete your interview anytime, anywhere.Your completed interview can be shared with multiple people at Homifax, helping expedite our review process while respecting your valuable time.You can bring your resume to life by telling your story on video.Each candidate is asked the same questions in the same way. Before you begin you get a practice question to warm up!In order to participate, you will need a smartphone, tablet or webcam with a microphone and high-speed internet access.

Is this your first time completing a digital video interview?No problem! Our digital video interviewing process will allow you to complete a practice question before you begin the recorded interview to increase your comfort level with the technology. The practice question isn’t recorded and can be completed as often as necessary until you’re ready to begin. You’ll have three minutes to complete each response; a timer will count down and alert you when your time has almost run out.Tips for making the most of your video interview

This is a real interview! Be sure to treat it the same way you would treat an in-person interview.
The interview is not live; a question will appear on the screen and your answer will be recorded. In most instances, you will have an opportunity to re-record your video response up to three times. Practice in advance so you can feel confident with being yourself. We want to see your personality!
Be sure to frame yourself in your camera lens, speak clearly and make eye contact with the camera, not your image on the screen.
Remember to be yourself. You don’t need to be perfect. Focus on your passion for the role and bringing your resume to life!

Digital video interview fraud
We have received reports of fraudulent emails claiming they are sent from Homifax and recruiting personnel. Modern Hire is the only authorized online interviewing tool used by UnitedHealth Group. If you have questions, concerns, or suspect fraud, please click here.Interviewing digitallyAt Homifax, we encourage and invest in new ideas. We leverage practical and purposeful innovation to create value and benefit for everyone, especially you. One example of this is digital video interview technology.


Congratulations on becoming a new employee. Your hiring manager or recruiter will send details, including start dates, benefits and other onboarding information.

Once your If you are selected as an employee of Homifax, we want to make the onboarding process as simple as possible. You can expect the following:Your Recruiter will contact you with a verbal offer and walk you through next steps of the onboarding and pre-employment screening process which includes a drug test and background check.You will then receive a formal offer letter as well as an email invitation to our online system we use for onboarding called New Employee Connect, powered by our partner Click Boarding.Once you have cleared the required pre-employment process, your Hiring Manager or Recruiter will convey further details and you will be invited to complete activities in our New Employee Connect onboarding system.Now, all you have to do is log in to New Employee Connect to view important information and complete all of your new hire activities online! This will give you an opportunity to fill out forms and other paperwork needed before you start, so your first day can be focused on getting to know your manager and your new team.Just think, if you are hired, you will have just a few short steps before you join a team of individuals who are the most committed, compassionate and inventive people who arrive at work with a purpose—to help people live healthier lives and make the health system work better for everyone.Are you a new employee?


Our mission is to verify, protect user data, and deliver accurate information to authorized recipients. At Homifax, we are dedicated to safeguarding our clients’ privileged personal data and maintaining the integrity of the global environments in which we operate.

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